HALLMARKS focuses on individual leaders, leadership teams and entire organizations to drive performance excellence


Educational leaders must shape, nurture and exemplify a culture that motivates greatness and maximizes potential within the school corporation, the community and its people. They must strive to bring a transformational perspective by identifying and reinforcing principles and practices of world-class educational leadership. The Hallmarks of Excellence in Educational Leadership captures the attributes and qualities essential for leading a school system at a level of excellence. 

Grow from Manager to Leader: Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Central Office Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors, Department Heads, and Lead Teachers move from successful managers to effective leaders through the Hallmarks of Excellence in Educational Leadership development program. 

Leaders want to make a difference, but often the very nature of leadership restricts objective feedback. The Hallmarks approach offers current and aspiring leaders the opportunity for an executive or administrator leadership “fitness” checkup.

Evaluate Your Leadership Competencies

Assessing your leadership competencies establishes an objective point of reference. The Hallmarks of Excellence in Leadership approach uses a battery of custom selected instruments by leading publishing firms to examine your leadership attributes, values, and behaviors. The value of this process is that it provides you with a data driven leadership assessment allowing an objective perspective, quantifiable feedback, and informed awareness.

Diagnose Your Leadership Strengths and Gaps

Using the assessment findings to discover your strengths and gaps provides breakthrough insights that can impact your effectiveness. The Hallmarks of Excellence in Leadership approach analyzes your results to determine your leadership strengths, limitations and Transformational OutcomesTM. The value of this process is that it gives you a leadership reality checkup, validating insights and skills connected to leadership attributes.

Develop Your
Leadership Talent

Developing your leadership talent so that it strengthens the effectiveness of others and produces results is the key objective. The Hallmarks of Excellence in Leadership approach can be used to build an individualized development plan, provide insights for coaching, and stimulate your responsibility for personal growth. The value of this approach is that it can help you create a performance vision, increase your leadership impact, and instill confidence that in turn can increase your results.