Hallmarks® Background

The Need

A different concept and approach inspired the Hallmarks® research team. There are many demands on a busy educator. Dedicating significant blocks of time for personal and professional development is rarely an option. Through a partnership with the international leader in online testing delivery systems, the developers of the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership utilize a state-of-the-art delivery vehicle to administer assessments.

The Idea

Obviously, analytical instruments cannot replace qualitative observations of someone’s performance capability and demonstrated professional acumen over a long period of time. Decades of executive experience, research and study of countless books, journals and articles in multiple disciplines, and interviewing and observing highly effective individuals in profit and nonprofit environments by the Hallmarks® researchers led to the idea that a combination of multiple instruments chosen from over 500 tools produced by over 50 leading publishers around the world could maximize the value derived from such in-depth analysis. Then once the data is validated, it can impart specific and accurate feedback on how to achieve greater effectiveness and thus, greater productivity.

Technical Research

The following design characteristics were critical to the research and development of the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership assessment:

  • Based on a sophisticated assessment model derived from a strong research base
  • Multiple instruments, each with a specific assessment focus to provide a multi-dimensional view
  • Statistically validated and normed instruments that withstand scrutiny of top leadership
  • Proven effectiveness in clearly specified and defined areas
  • Individual team use
  • Efficient delivery system: Administration, highly accurate and rich data, and training and development (narrative with a purpose)
  • Focused on identification of strengths and developmental gaps
  • Provide recommendations for strengthening leadership development

The Results

Much like a fitness report that provides an in-depth view of an individual’s total health using a number of criteria, the Hallmarks® Personal Results Workbook offers the most clear, powerful and comprehensive view of a leader on the market today. Not only does it improve performance and carry leaders to new heights of personal and professional excellence, its scalable design allows entire teams to capitalize on their combined strengths with unprecedented accuracy and focus to produce results.