Hallmarks® OVERVIEW

Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership represents a breakthrough in assessment technology that delivers the most comprehensive measurement of executive educational leadership potential available on the market today. Drawing from intensive research and analysis, this assessment regimen analyzes patterns of competencies, personal traits, critical thinking skills, and emotional intelligence and contrasts those results to attributes (the “DNA”) of proven high performance leaders.

This powerful tool is designed for identifying leaders with high potential, and transitioning existing leaders to levels of higher performance. This comprehensive, state-of-the-art assessment approach is beneficial in initiating leadership excellence for individuals, as well as high performance leadership teams including Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Central Office Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals and Directors.

Much research has been done on the qualities and attributes of individuals that perform at levels of excellence. These qualities, once identified in an individual, can be a predictor of future success and ultimately be used to increase one’s ability to produce results. Some qualities are inherent in an individual, you’re either born with them or you’re not. But many other characteristics can be learned or developed over time. Like an athlete born with a certain level of physical talent, when trained in specific areas by an effective coach, they can maximize their athletic performance to produce Olympic level results.

The developers of the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership have studied specific disciplines to isolate the characteristics (called Hallmarks®) of individuals that perform at a level of excellence. With these Hallmarks® defined, the team developed a state-of-the-art assessment tool that utilizes innovative technology that combines multiple leading scientifically validated instruments into a single package. Much like a fitness report that provides an in-depth view of an individual’s total health using a number of criteria, the Hallmarks of Excellence® produces an educational leader fitness report that provides the most comprehensive view of an individual or team’s core strengths and gaps on the market today.