Hallmarks® uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver precision

There are many demands on a busy educator. Dedicating significant blocks of time for personal and professional development is rarely an option. The developers of the Hallmarks of Excellence® in Educational Leadership utilize a state-of-the-art delivery vehicle to administer assessments.

This 100% web-based system allows participants to take multiple comprehensive scientifically validated instruments in approximately 90 minutes. To provide maximum flexibility, Hallmarks® can be accessed from virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection. Assessments can be taken whenever a busy educator’s schedule allows, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For added convenience, built-in placeholder features allow participants to start and stop their sessions at anytime and as often as they like. Security features ensure that all user information remains confidential.

Comprehensive findings report generated

Once the assessments are analyzed, participants receive a detailed Hallmarks® Personal Results Workbook written in a distinctive “narrative with a purpose” format, making the leader’s results meaningful and easy to apply. Results are provided in both an executive summary and full report format.

  • The Executive Summary provides a snapshot of key competencies and compares those results to those of top-performing leaders as determined by in-depth research. Also provided are action steps for further growth and a unique team role profile which is useful in helping a leader maximize their effectiveness in a team environment.
  • The Full Report delves further into the results by defining a leader’s competencies through an in-depth analysis of measured attributes. This “exploded” view of each competency provides insight into meaningful behavioral patterns, thereby accelerating the leadership development process.
  • When the Hallmarks® Personal Results Workbook is combined with the Hallmarks® Interpretation Worksheet and individual and/or team coaching and development, an educational leader can increase their leadership effectiveness. Like an athlete born with a certain level of physical talent, when trained in specific areas by an effective coach, they can maximize their athletic performance to produce Olympic-level results..