The Three Fundamentals of Leadership

The Hallmarks of Excellence® model is founded on three fundamentals of leadership consistently found in extraordinary leaders. This model draws on intensive research and analysis to examine an educator’s pattern of competencies, personal qualities, critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence and provides a leader with an unprecedented view of individual strengths and limitations combined with feedback for growth.

The researchers at CHORUS®, Inc. identified the three fundamentals of leadership found in superior leaders:

Mastering Your Core

Superior leadership can only be built on a solid foundation. It involves knowing yourself, leading yourself, and leading others.

Forging The Path

Great leaders don’t make people follow them. Leveraging wisdom and strong decision-making skills, providing direction, and winning support inspires people to accomplish great things.

Ensuring Execution

The toughest yet most important job of a leader is to simply “get it done”. Executing the plan with discipline, leading/building teams, and achieving excellence ensures that the path is being followed to achieve results.

Leaders utilizing the Hallmarks® system will be challenged to capitalize on their strengths and confront areas of challenge. They will learn how to do more with and through others by developing skills and abilities necessary to build leadership teams with complementary talents, characteristics and strengths.